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For custom stone and tile flooring, backsplashes, entryways, showers, fireplaces or wet bars in Waterford, MI and surrounding cities, call the experts at All Kitchen and Bath. Since 1988, All Kitchen and Bath has been Southeast Michigan's leader in custom stone and tile installations for homes, offices, and commercial businesses. We are true craftsmen with the flexibility to help you complete your project without the inconvenience of multiple workers.

There really are no limitations for custom stone installations. Since we do everything in-house, we can provide a beautiful surface practically anywhere in your home or office. We specialize in marble countertops and flooring, but we have experience designing a variety of installations including showers, whirlpools, spas, backsplashes, fireplaces, and more. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it's no wonder we're Oakland County's most referred stone fabricator and tile installation expert!

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We provide a large variety of granite, marble, quartz, onyx, and limestone from leading manufacturers like Caesartone, Silestone, Viatera, DS Quartz, Zodiac, and more. Part of the value of custom stone comes from its unique pattern. That's why when choosing natural stone as part of your kitchen or bath renovation, new installation or entryway, it's important to work directly with the fabricator. We work from the stone slab, so your entire project has consistency in color and pattern.

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Waterford's Leader in Durable Stone and Tile Installations for Kitchen Backsplashes and Flooring

Custom Backsplash Waterford MI

Our work isn't just limited to kitchen countertop installation. We also specialize in tile flooring and tile backsplash installation. With a great track record for installing granite backsplashes and tiles of all kinds, we ensure quality and long-lasting results that you can rely on. Your kitchen's stone backsplash is an important element of the room's overall design. From tile counters to backsplash options, our expert tile specialists will work around any floor obstructions or wall outlets to cover any area, all in the tile of your choice.

Effective tile floor installation requires diligent, hard work in order to make sure the tiles fit snugly and don't move or break loose over time. At All Kitchen & Bath, we have a team of tile experts that is dedicated to replacing outdated and damaged tiles in Oakland County homes, which completely transforms the look of kitchens.

Bathroom Stone and Tile Installations

Bathroom Tile Waterford MI

One of the most important (and most-often overlooked) elements of your bathroom is the floor. Bathroom flooring needs to be expertly installed by highly experienced contractors in order to extend longevity. Thankfully, our tile floor installation experts have everything it takes to make sure your floors can handle anything, even high traffic. Stone is more than a material that offers everlasting nobility. It is deeply resistant to water damage, making our stone flooring installation a definite plus for your home.

Whether installing tile flooring, tile showers or tile baths, you can expect the very best tile installation service from us. We are flexible and affordable, offering local homeowners access to some of the most reliable services on the market. If you've been dreaming of elegant granite flooring but haven't yet had the resources ready to commit to the project, you can trust us to get it done beautifully and affordably. We will work with your interior designer to create a bathroom ambiance that you'll love.

Update Your Entryway With a New Stone Floor

Stone Flooring Waterford MI

A stone floor by All Kitchen and Bath provides a unique way to spice up what may otherwise be a drab entryway with a timeless new look. You can choose from options like marble, quartz, slate, granite, limestone, and sandstone. Color options are just as varied; match your wall and trimming paint to stone colors like greens, pinks, blues, earth tones, and more! Even better, no two pieces of stone are exactly alike, which means your entryway design is unlike any others on the block. Custom stone, marble, granite, and limestone entryways by All Kitchen and Bath make the right kind of first impression -- we guarantee it.

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"Love the work! Just left the office and now I have brand new counter tops. Really makes my business look impressive. Thanks JR!" Dave M.

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